I’m back with the post for all my lipstick addicts, this time I want to share with you my favourite summer red lip colour in a few variations that I absolutely adore.

Red is one of those lip colours which we can all agree, is eternal classic and as much as I adore classic red lip colour, I also very much appreciate that it comes with numerous different undertones. Magenta red is one of my absolute favourites, you can never go wrong with it in summer time, it’s very bright, playful and simple to combine with colourful eye makeup looks.

I had the hardest time choosing my five favourite ones to share with you, hopefully you’ll find a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. All of them are very high quality lipsticks from many different price ranges, first three are bold matte lip colours and Chanel ones are intense lip colours which give you the most gorgeous ‘summer Chanel lip’ if you wish.

=””> Nyx Matte lipstick- Bloody Mary, Kiko Milano- Velvet Passion matte lipstick 310, Feral Cosmetics lipstick- Fetish[/capti

I’ll be back with you loves next week.

12 thoughts on “SUMMER RED

      1. Of course it is! More than just worth it! Chanel lipsticks are all super comfortable to wear, they don’t feel like those heavy creams.. they stain the lips in the most beautiful way and are long lasting. I love them to death ❤️


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