Since you all already know, I’m a huge fan of mom jeans and I’m super excited to wear them in spring time just because I have many more options to style them up to the outfit that suits the current occasion.

The mom jeans have been back in style for a few seasons now and I have to admit, I already consider them to be a piece of style rather than a trendy piece. I got used to them to the point that I wear them every single day and I don’t know about for you but I found that I really like how unflattering they can look. I never was a ‘skinny jeans’ type of a girl, I simply don’t feel like wearing anything tight so I really am very much grateful for the 90’s style of mom jeans.

This time I decided to combine the mom jeans with black bodysuit and blazer which is a perfect combination if you’re looking for a super cozy outfit that still looks very much elegant. You can achieve a perfect silhouette by adding a belt to mark your waist and this can also help you anytime when you find them to be unflattering because of the wide-leg effect that they usually have.

For shoes I chose pointed ballerina flats and for bag my beloved Speedy Banddouliere 25 in Monogram canvas which I absolutely adore.

I hope you my loves like this quick spring outfit I’ll be back with you with new post soon! Good night!

2 thoughts on “MOM JEANS CLASSIC

  1. I literally only reach for my ‘mom jeans’ now, I don’t even remember the last time I wore my skinny jeans lol. I LOVE this outfit, mom jeans are really flattering on you!! I like that you added a belt as way, really chic 🙂


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