I’m back with the makeup look as I promised you yesterday. This look is super simple to create and again, it’s completely created with Chanel products.As you all my loves know by now, Chanel is my all-time favourite brand when it comes to makeup products just because they’re designed for quick and simple makeup looks. You can easily create very dramatic looks with their products but since I don’t have much time to play with makeup, Ombre Première eyeshadows became my favourite ones, but that many of you already know. For this look I decided to use on my eyelid the 810 Ombre Première as a base and on top I applied a matte red eyeshadow from their Les 4 Ombres 268 eyeshadow palette.

This technique gives you the most gorgeous ombre look you can imagine and you can easily play with smokey cat eye or with halo eye makeup, the options with these are endless and all depends on what suits you and how you feel. For my under eye I chose my favourite Ombre Première eyeshadow among them all, 820 Memory is the most gorgeous bronzy gold shade which I use a lot. I’m definitely going to do much looks with it for you my loves. For this look I chose nude pink shades for the face makeup am for lipstick so nothing stands out, just the eyes.

I’ll be back with you my loves next week! Good night!

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