As I promised yesterday, I’m back with super exciting and super dramatic look that you can easily wear for a New Year’s Eve. This eye makeup is my first choice and that’s why I’m so thrilled to share it with you.

For this look I combined a very dramatic eye makeup with again, nude face makeup and nude lips. Cut crease eye makeup can be very tricky and it’s not that hard to create. The technique is very simple actually and once you’ll get used to it it’ll become very simple.

I always apply matte eyeshadows right above the crease and blend it upwards with fluffy pointed brush and then I apply additional, usually darker eyeshadow to create depth with a super tiny brush and then I blend it with flurrier. Next step is very important; you have to cut the crease and you can simply do it by applying concealer, tracing a line where you want the cut and then you have to set it with the eyeshadow. Everything else with this eye makeup is just a drawing; you can play with different wings, shapes and colours. The choice is yours! For this look I chose Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes; Full Spectrum has a beautiful bold matte blue shades and from Heavy Metals palette I chose both silver ones.

I’m personally a very huge fan of dramatic and complicated eye makeups. They just make me so happy! I like to play with different techniques, creating different looks and I highly hope that I inspired you to do the same! I’ll be back tomorrow with the last makeup look this year my loves! Have a lovely night!


  1. I love this! So perfect for Winter. I know this look would look great on me too because I generally look good with blue eyeshadow and brownish lips. It brings out my blue eyes. I love how it looks phenomenal on you as well, even though you have brown eyes. Normally people with brown eyes wear looks that don’t look as good on me with my pale skin and blue eyes, but I think this is a look that looks great on different types of features.

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    1. Thanks baby! Well, I don’t ever bound myself when it comes to eye makeup; I simply create it in the way that it looks good on my brown, almost black eyes. I also like to play with colourful contacts tho.. they’re so much fun 🤩

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