As I promised you yesterday, I’m back with the first makeup look which I created with Juvia’s Place Magic palette. I created this look of all of you loves who like settle and elegant looks with a pop of colour that looks lovely and romantic.

For this look I used only warm shades from the palette. I created a soft smokey eye with a pop of pink on the lid combining it with orange toned mattes. I also did a cat eye and I applied very dramatic falsies to give this look some pop of drama. For cheeks I used a poppy coral blush and for lips I went with soft nude shade so the eyes really stand out.

You can easily wear this look for any occasion during the summer time and you always can make it less dramatic with skipping dramatic liner and falsies. In this case this eye makeup will also look gorgeous with the red lipstick, depends on what you like, you can always choose nude instead.

Really hope that you loves liked this look and I really hope that you’re going to recreate it with me! I’ll be back tomorrow with the outfit post, the outfit which I like so much to wear lately. Good night loves!

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