I’m back with the new style post which I like so much. I often wear all-black outfits because black’s been my favourite colour to wear for so many years now so I was thinking and decided to post this outfit for your own inspiration when you’d want to style yourself in all-black. I chose very simple and comfortable pieces for this outfit and the main and fun part is in the details. If you loves follow me on Instagram you probably already noticed that I’m especially in love with my backpack, the one that’s been with me in almost every outfit post. My backpack Astana is from the brand Picard Lederwaren from Germany which is specialised in a high quality fashion leather products and it’s more than worth checking it.

Daša Lavrič

I was actually never a huge lover of backpacks to be completely honest with you loves but when I got this cute Astana backpack I just couldn’t stop wearing it. It’s been with me almost every day and everywhere I go. Its design is absolutely gorgeous and you can combine it with almost any outfit you imagine, classy or rock, it goes and fits perfectly to any. For this outfit I chose black coat combining it with black turtleneck bodysuit and jump dress which I like so much. The one thing with this outfit are tights, I went with the black ones but this outfit but for the upcoming spring days you can easily go with  nude ones and you’ll look absolutely gorgeous.

Daša Lavrič

Daša Lavrič

Daša Lavrič

Daša Lavrič

Daša LavričI was wearing: Zara Coat and jump dress, Intimissimi bodysuit, Caledonia tights, Picard Lederwaren Astana Backpack, Jim Rickey Fat Cloud leather sneakers in black and Frency & Mercury Nuevo Viaje BI


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