To be completely honest with you, finding a perfect face makeup primer was one of the biggest struggles in my entire makeup story. I tried to many makeup primers, from drug store to many hi-end ones but none of them just didn’t work for me. At first it’s usually always great, but then after one week of use I start to notice changes on my skin. I have very soft and sensitive skin so after the use of many primers I usually get blemishes, my skin starts to peel, sometimes it feels very itchy and sometimes it stings and as long as this isn’t more than enough, makeup doesn’t last as long as it should with no primer. I actually almost just gave up because my primer game was just not beatable, I just couldn’t handle it any more.


I really tried so many primers that bloggers recommend, I was just going crazy buying and testing all of them and I’ve never thought of Chanel. So I thought, Chanel is one of the brands that never lets me down so I went to my Chanel counsellor in the drugstore and she armed me with a fine amount of Chanel goodies for my skin and finally oh gosh finally they all together work for me perfectly. Le Blanc De Chanel is the one and only primer that Chanel offers, it’s the multi-use illuminating base and it’s especially appropriate for normal to oily skin. It comes in a classic Chanel box, the bottle feels heavy, it’s made of frosted glass which gives this product a feel of sophistication and with the Chanel logo embossed on top, the packaging looks just stunning and very Chanel.


The bottle comes with the pump so that’s just the additional benefit to the packaging.


This primer promises a lot, it’s illuminating primer with a mattifying effect. Does this sound weird to you? To me it almost sounds unbelievable so was very curious how it’ll work on me. The product itself has a very fine texture, it’s more liquidy than dense which I prefer much more. It doesn’t feel heavy, it almost feels like a very thin layer, a bit tacky yet very comfortable. It has that classic the most known and recognisable soft kinda floral Chanel scent that their face products have and I actually really like it. When I apply this primer, all of the sudden, all the colour imperfections on my skin are immediately gone then I notice that it discreetly illuminates my skin. This primer has the most comfortable moisturising effect, skin feels very soft and comfortable. Then I usually apply my foundation after couple of minutes when the primer sets perfectly. What I noticed about this primer is that it’s very fine and it’s very important that you don’t apply a huge amount of a foundation, or a very heavy high coverage foundation because it’s not designed this way. I will get back to this in my upcoming blog post and I’ll write about this more but for now, this primer doesn’t like thick layers on top. My face makeup with this primer lasts for all day, it doesn’t move, crack, melt, nothing. It stays flawless and stunning during the whole day.


Le Blanc De Chanel contains silica and mica powders of mineral origin and hyaluronic acid which are very rich ingredients. Silica powders are especially known for filling the smile lines and pores, mica powders illuminate the skin and hyaluronic acid hydrates and protects the skin. This sounds like a perfect primer ingredients to me and they really are. This product can be also used as a concealer on specific small areas where you have some tiny blemishes, it reduces the appearance of redness and also dark circles. It’s also perfect to use when you have a foundation that’s a bit too dark for your skin tone and you take a tiny amount of this primer, you mix it with the foundation and it brightens up the tone of the foundation and it also adds illuminosity to it. You can also use it as a liquid highlighter on top of the foundation.


It’s just too much of amazing things that I can write about this primer but for now I can only say that I’m not in a search for primers as long as Le Blanc De Chanel exists. Truly. I highly recommend you to check this primer ladies, it’s more that worth of the money that you pay, especially when you figure out that this is actually genius in the bottle.

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