Hi loves!

I’m finally back with the new style post which I like so much. I combined very simple pieces into this outfit, it’s very comfortable and warm which I really like because here where I live it’s freezing cold these days. I never like to be cold so for this outfit I chose short dawn jacket and I combined it with warm wool body suit and warm wool midi skirt. This combination is one of my favourites because it’s very simple and you can style it up in many different ways; for more sophisticated look with high leather boots and coat and for every day look this outfit can go perfectly also with any UGG boots.

Daša Lavrič

Daša Lavrič

Daša Lavrič

Daša Lavrič

Daša Lavrič

For details I chose this stunning sunglasses Luz Del Viaje from Frency &Mercury brand from Japan which is specialised into high-end luxury sunglasses made from titanium. These sunglasses loves are very light and it’s design is just breath taking. With all these tiny gold details are really a special piece.  I highly recommend you loves to check their page for more unique stunning sunnies. For timepiece I went with Sigrid from Mockberg, you all already know by now how much i like this brand.

Daša Lavrič

When it came to shoes in winter time, UGG boots have been my favourite choice for about ten years now so they are always in the first place. I like to combine them with my Speedy bag, I just think they look cute together.

Daša Lavrič

I was wearing: Zara dawn jacket, Wolfed body suit, Massimo Dutti skirt, Ugg boots, Louis Vuitton bag, Frency & Mercury sunglasses

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