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I’m back with the new review on a brand with which I wasn’t familiar until one month ago. Beyu Cosmetics is a high quality drugstore makeup brand from Germany that’s been on the market for quite some time now. I never had the opportunity to try out their products so when they sent to me the full box of goodies I immediately went crazy testing them. I’m not very familiar with drugstore brands to be honest, I never paid much attention to them so I didn’t know exactly what can I expect from this brand. Beyu Cosmetics actually surprised me by it’s quality so I decided to share these products with you loves hoping you’ll find something you’re looking for or just to get some inspiration or orientation with drugstore brands. First products about which I would really like to tell you about are face products.



Healthy Glow makeup base is a light reflecting makeup base with lightly shimmering pearly pigments that keep your base foundation on point and they also make your skin very radiant. It feels very light and comfortable on the skin and it really works perfectly as illuminating base. I wouldn’t recommend you this product if you have oily skin because your face just won’t look good with any base this type. With this base also came a base powder foundation- Nutri Powder Foundation which is a long lasting foundation. I was very impressed by the fact that it contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C which are the best ingredients when it comes to base liquid foundations. It’s a medium to high covering foundation, it feels very light on the skin, it’s very comfortable to wear and easy to work with. You can use beauty sponge or brush, it works great with any of these.


Next product that I really like too so much is Strobe & Define Palette which contains three matte and one pearly powder for illusional face shaping; bronzer, concealer, blush and highlighter. I really like the fact that this palette includes also step by step instructions which is really amazing because back in the days when I had no clue about face strobing and defining techniques, I’d be very grateful for such a palette with this instructions. These powders have very silky texture, they are very pigmented so you’d need only a tiny amount of a product to achieve perfect face contour and highlight on your face. I noticed that only one powder on this palette is not as much as pigmented as the others, pearly highlighter looks very pale and it’s barely seen on the skin, at least on my natural skin tone but I will definitely use this powder for highlighting my brow bone yess!


We all like blushes don’t we loves? There’s never too many of them and every each of them is always welcome haha. Beyu Cosmetics Multicolour powder blush 50 has three stunning pearly blush colors which you can combine all together or you can use them seperately. I found that it’s very pigmented so I usually take only tiny amount of it on a fluffy brush and blend it right on top of my check contour. It looks gorgeous on the skin, it has that tiny pearls that make my skin radiant and I love this effect.


one finger swatch on my hand

Loves, really hope you enjoyed this post, I’m really impressed by this brand and I can’t wait for next review on this brand when I will write about eye, lip and nail products! Stay around for more exciting posts this week, wish you all a lovely evening and good night.

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