This Holiday season Urban Decay did so much for their beauty junkies, they creatied three stunning palettes which inspire any makeup lover; Naked Ultimate Basics palette, Moondust palette and Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette which is limited and it’s not like any of the palettes they’ve ever created. I’m a huge fan of Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes for quite some time now and for all these years I was waiting for such a palette as this one.

URBAN DECAY Full Spectrum paletteAs I am a huge colorful eye makeup lover, this palette stunned me so much, when I first saw it. It actually had a rediculously powerful wow effect on me, no words can describe that. The packaging of this palette is like with all the other palettes that they came up with, it’s absolutely gorgeous. With all the details and colorful logo design this palette really is something very special.

URBAN DECAY Full Spectrum palette

URBAN DECAY Full Spectrum palette

As per usual the palette came with the brush that is actually very handy and great to use, one side of it is a fluffy blending brush and the other seems like a brush for blending the eyeshadow in outer corner of the eye.

Ok so now the most exciting part of this article, the palette itself.. no words needed hahaa. The palette is organized in a rainbow from left to right and from up to bottom in ombre effect so you get 3 shades from every rainbow color. It has 21 gorgeous colors, 18 of them are new and 3 are exclusives from the past palettes. Eyeshadows come in almost every finish you can imagine, matte, semi-matte, satin, metallic and shimmery. Isn’t it stunning loves?

URBAN DECAY Full Spectrum palette

URBAN DECAY Full Spectrum palette

You can really push your creativity to the highest limit with this palette just because of the viority of the colors you get with it. The options for eye makeup looks with this palette are endless. You can play with ombre trios for more settle colorful looks or you can let the palette inspire you in a way that you mix and combine different color combinations together. I bet you’ll always come up with a stunning makeup look. This palette is perfect to use for any look, any occasion as long as you are lover of colors and creative playful makeup.

URBAN DECAY Full Spectrum palette

The most of these eyeshadows are highly pigmented but some of them need a bit more patience when applying if you want to achieve the same high pigment as the many others already have.

Swatch galery:

This palette is defenitely going to be one of my all-time favourites from Urban Decay, I know that now and if you’re looking for a colorful palette for yourself you really should check this one out. This palette is also a gorgeous gift for the upcoming Holidays for your makeup lover bestie or anyone actually, I’d be so happy to recieve such a gift to be honest.

Really hope that you enjoyed the reading loves and stay around for upcoming makeup look this weekend!


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