Hi Loves!

When this palette came out loves, I went completely crazy, literally hhahah as I’m a huge glitter and glam obsessed little creature I had to order it immediately or I would burst right there. This Holiday season Urban Decay created the most gorgeous palette that every glitter obsessed makeup lover would wish for and they did the greatest job ever!

URBAN DECAY- MoondustThis palette is everything you would ever wanted in your Holiday collection, but first, loves, look at this stunning packaging. As per usual, Urban Decay never disappoints us with the packaging, any time they came up with the new palette, they create  the most stunning packaging you can imagine. This time they just nailed it again! This palette loves, it looks and feels like the glitter is pressed into this packaging and this silver metalic engraved details make this palette just stunning.


Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows are one of the most popular single eyeshadows in Urban Decay’s wide collection, this palette was actually one of the most requested palettes so they decided to create this palette of eight gorgeous bold glitter shades. They chose all the glitter shades that every makeup junkie would want to have in a collection and the fact that all this shades came with one palette is just amazing! This glitter eyeshadows are not like chunky glitters, this glitters are microfine bits of sparkle and lush 3-D metallics which are pressed together with the pigment and this gives this eyeshadows endless diamond-like effect. They apply and blend perfectly, they are wery light wear and what I really like about them is that there’s no fall outs or what so ever, they’re just very easy to work with. This palette glows in it’s fulll vibrant glory and that’s exactly why I love it so much!




Loves, when I was taking this swatches I was literally holding my breath. This eyeshadows are sooo pigmented and every single one of them blowed me away with it’s 3D effect. I took this swatches with dense crease brush and I applied them on top of the eyeshadow base on my hand.

Really hope that you liked this post loves, stay around for a new upcoming makeup look when I will use this gorgeous palette. Have a lovely evening.


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