Hi Loves!

So Urban Decay finaly came up with new Basics palette for which we were all waiting for and to be honest with you, I was so curious which new shades will they create at this point when the Naked collection is so extensive. I’ve been a huge fan of their Naked palettes for so long now, I own every single one of them and I use them all the time so I was really impatient till I got this one and as per usual, Urban Decay didn’t disappoint me.

Urban Decay- Naked Ultimate Basics

Urban Decay- Naked Ultimate Basics

The packaging of the actual palette is absolutely stunning  loves, with all this carved details it really is a gorgeous palette and once you hold it, it feels very luxurious in the hand. I also like the fact that Urban Decay’s decided to create this palette in a square shape because I think this shape is a bit more handy and easier to hold if you decide to use the huge mirror inside when applying makeup. Naked Ultimate Basics palette came with 12 gorgeous shades, all the shades on this palette have a matte finish, except ‘Blow’ which is descrided by Urban Decay as semi-matte but on my opinion is shimmery but we can leave that ahah, long thing shot, it’s a beautiful inner corner highlighting shade. All other colours are matte and every each of them is just simply so gorgeous.

Urban Decay- Naked Ultimate Basics

This palette is very handy especially for everyday makeup looks, for those days when you just want to create some nude depth on your eyes, nothing too dramatic or you can also create dark smokey eye with this palette. I prefer combining all Naked Basic palettes with Naked palettes, I use them like Naked back-up palettes so I can really create many different looks. All the shades on this palette are absolutely stunning and created for any skin tone you can imagine and I really like that to be honest and with almost every Urban Decay palette is the same story. On this palette you can choose between cool shades in first row and natural shades in second row and all are not patchy at all, they’re very pigmented and super blendable. The only thing is that this eyeshadows necessarily need a base just because of it’s texture.

Urban Decay- Naked Ultimate Basics

I did this swatches with my fingers, I didn’t use any base.

The only this I can say about this palette loves is that it’s absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to start palying with it! Stay around for upcoming makeup look next week! Wish you all a lovely evening.


  1. Awesome post! I love the idea of the Naked Basics Palettes and always think about getting one but I love my shimmer shades a bit more than matte. I like palettes that include both most of the time but might look into getting this one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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