I’m a huge lipstick lover so this choice of favourite lipstick shades was so hard for me to be comletely honest with you ladies. At first I chose 18 favourite lipsticks haha but that was way to much of them so at least I came on 10 favourite shades and I just couldn’t pass any of these.

KIKO Milano

They’re all from KIKO Milano and all of them are in a regular collection so you can buy them any time in any KIKO  store or on their webstore. Some of this shades are from Gossamer Emotion creamy lipstick line and some of them are from Velvet Passion matte lipstick line. Both this lines have amazing lipstick shades and what’s really impressive is that the all colours look gorgeous on the lips without any exceptions. The formula is almost the same in any shade you choose, it’s not like in a matte collection reds are stunning and nudes are cracky. All lipsticks always come out gorgeous. My favourite KIKO Milano lipstick collection is Gossamer Emotion creamy lipstick line because of all bold and rich colours and especially because of a hyaluronic filling spheres of which you can feel the effect right after applying the lipstick. Your lips look fuller and absolutely stunning with this lipsticks. Both this collection have matching lip pencil collection but you can combine lipsticks with all lip pencils from both collections, they work perfectly all together.

KIKO Milano

KIKO Milano

As I wrote before, I had a really hard time choosing top 10 lipsticks from both collections just because I use them all the time every single day as you can see on the photos, they’re completely worn out haha. So finaly I chose my favourite ones, those for which I think will be my go-to lipsticks for this autumn season. First five shades that I chose are nudes. They’re one of those lipsticks of which you have to own a couple of them just because they’re so handy and fun to use. These are mine favourites, some of them have a peachy undertone and some brownish, shades with this undertones just go perfect with my natural skin undertone.

KIKO Milano
GE 104, GE 102, GE 107, GE 108 and VP 320

And now at last but not least, red and dark lipstick shades that make every autumn makeup look so iconic. You can never go wrong with chic nude eyemakeup and bold bright red or dark burgundy lipstick shade in autumn time. Here are my favorite ones and most of them are from Velvet Passion matte lipstick line.

KIKO Milano
GE 115, VP 311, VP 317, VP 314, VP 317

I really like to combine almost every lipstick with a bit darker lip pencil, creating soft ombre effect has become my daily routine so here is the swatch galery of my favorite combinations:

As you’ve found out by now, I’ve used acronyms (EC- Everlasting Colour lip liner; CC- Creamy Colour lip liner; GE- Gossamer Emotion creamy lipstick; VP- Velvet Passion matte lipstick) for lipstick and pencil presentations just because the numbers are so much evidently on the photos and in the galery. Hope that you liked my choise of favourite colours, wish you all a very nice evening and stay around for new upcoming party makeup look this week!


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