This look is something I like to do last couple of months, matching colours of my makeup with my nail colour has become just so much fun to me. Finding a perfect eyeshadow that matches your nail polish can be a bit complicated sometimes.

Daša Lavrič

Whenever I’m about to create a match I almost always reach for one of my BH Cosmetics 88 eyeshadow palettes. This palettes loves are so amazing, whenever you need a colour that you have no clue where you’re going to find it, it’s just there on one of these palettes. If it’s not a perfect match right there on the palette, you can still mix it with some other shade, but that almost never happened to me. And their palettes are amazing for a begginers too because you become a huge amount of eyeshadows in many different shades and textures with which you can play and actually figure out which colours look good on you and which just don’t suit you. For this look I choose lots of shadows from BH Cosmetics 88 Tropical Shimmer palette which is perfect for this types of looks. For eyes I really wanted a glittery look so on the crease I used the most gorgeous gold eyeshadow you will ever find out there, Half Baked eyeshadow from Urban Decay’s iconic Naked palette is just that stunning creamy gold I always use for the looks when I want it to stand out. For eye makeup I used one of my favourite eyeshadows at the moment, from the brand Beauty Is Life, eyeshadow-solo in Cacao has become my must-have everyday eyeshadow which I use for the base on my crease all the time now.

Daša Lavrič

BH Cosmetics 88 color palette Tropical Shimmer, Chanel Le Vernis 591 Alchimie, Beauty Is Life lipstick in Mirage and Beauty Is Life eyeshadow-solo in Cacao
BH Cosmetics 88 color palette Tropical Shimmer, Chanel Le Vernis 591 Alchimie, Beauty Is Life lipstick in Mirage, Beauty Is Life eyeshadow-solo in Cacao and FREEDOM Pro Strobe Palette

The funiest and the greatest part of this look is Chanel Le Vernis in Alchimie nail polish on which was this look inspired. It’s a gorgeous metalic khaki green nail colour, very gorgeous unusual shade that looks so elegant and so ‘Chanel’ on the nails. It’s also a perfect autumn nail colour when you want to add some fierce sophistication to your look. For blush and lipstick I chose nude shades, because I wanted my eyes to really stand out. You can also go with peachy or red lipstick shade, all these will look stunning with this look too. I also did a powerful highlight effect with Iconic London Strobing stick for the face look. This strobing stick is perfect when you want that dazzling highlighter effect to just pops out.

Daša Lavrič

Daša Lavrič

Thank you loves so much for reading this post, really hope that you like it and recreate this look with me. Wish you all a lovely evening and stay around for more updates this week.

PRODUCTS: Face- KIKO Milano Unlimited Foundation Neutral 40, Radiant Fusion baked powder 04, Radiant Fusion baked bronzer, Desert Dunes baked bronzer 200 Warm Melage, Catrice Cosmetics camouflage cream 020, FREEDOM Pro Strobe Palette, Iconic London Strobing stick in ‘Shine’, Eyes- Artdeco eyeshadow base, Beauty Is Life eyeshadow-solo in Cacao, Urban Decay Naked palette, BH Cosmetics 88 color palette tropical shimmer, Ardell falsies 105, KIKO Volume eyes+ mascara and Lasting gel liner, Catrice Cosmetics liquid liner 010 Dating Joe Black, LIPS- KIKO Milano Precision lip pencil 300 and Beauty Is Life lipstick in mirage

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