Hi loves,

I had the opportunity to start a collaboration with the company which I admire so much and I’m so thankful that they sent me the products about which I’m going to write today. Beauty Is Life is a German high-end professional makeup brand from Hamburg that has been established in 1974 by Beatrix Isabel Lied.

Beauty Is Life

They’re specialized in skin care and makeup products and every each one of them is inspitred by her. What I really like about their products, at first, packaging. It’s design is so elegant as it feels very sophisticated and high-end and the second, loves, this both products have a stunning  pigment. We all know how messy can nude lipstick be don’t we, especially very bright ones just create a mess on your lips instead creamy glossy finish. It’s just such a mess when you apply it on the lips sometimes that I just gave up on them.

Beauty Is Life

This lipstick loves, this one is just so creamy, it’s texture feels so light on the lips and it’s very very pigmented. It’s bright and it’s finish is so glossy gorgeous. I usually like to create Ombre effect so this one is just perfect for that, I’m in love with this shade so much, I can’t even tell you how much, but they just picked the right perfect colour for my skin tone. I also got an eyeshadow-solo which is also perfect for my skin tone and I use it every single day now as my transition colour on my eye lid. It’s very pigmented so you’d only need a tiny amount of this product to apply. It has a beautiful matte finish, there are no fall outs, it’s perfect to apply and blend.

Beauty Is Life

Beauty Is Life

Hope you loves liked this post, I have to say that I become a huge fan of this brand. Stay around for more posts next week.

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