7 thoughts on “NAILS OF THE WEEK 🎀

    1. Yes they are, but I really take care for them on a daily bases and I apply and massage nail and cuticle oil 3 times a day and I use CND Brisa gel to strengthen them 😊 If your don’t grow you really should use some conditioner oil for nails ant cuticle, but it has to be nursing. Check for CND Solar Oil or OPI Avoplex, I used both of them and both are amazing. You should also avoid water, use gloves while you’re cleaning or washing the dishes and if your nails are fragile I really recommend you to check OPI Nail Envy therapy, it’s the best therapy for fragile nails that don’t want to grow ☺️ Or search for salon that uses CND Brisa gels which are absolutely the best gels on the planet hhihih they’re designed to take care for your nails.. ❤️

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      1. You’re welcome sweetie. Yes just look for it, I’m sure it’s going to help you! But you really have to apply it 2-3 times a day and massage it into the cuticle and nails, results will show the first week you’ll see. Let me know how it goes pls, would really like to know 😊

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