Hi Loves!

This month I got a beautiful surprise from . My Beauty Box contained six adorable makeup and nail products which I already try and I love them!

my beauty box

my beauty box

First two products that immediately caught my eye are this two gorgeous nail polishes:

  • Tanya Burr nail polish Little Duck is a gorgeous summer green nail colour with a glossy finish. What really surprised me about this polish is that It’s very pigmented, two coats are enough for perfect cover and It’s dry time is really short, it dries in about few minutes and if you use base coat it should last for at least one week,
  • Sally Hansen top coat Spark and Pepper with big glitters is a perfect top coat when you want to create a sparkly design that doesn’t pop out so much,

my beauty box

  • Brush Works nail file which is always handy, especially if you’re very precise when it comes to your nails,

my beauty box

Next three products are makeup products which are perfect for summer days and I really like that you can use it all together to get a natural summer makeup look:

  • Max Factor miracle Touch in shade 07 Soft Candy is a creamy blush that gives you a beautiful natural blush to your face, it blends perfectly and it really looks gorgeous. I’m absolutely in love with this shade because It has this orange undertone and I love shades like that, I think It’s perfect to use for a night occasion with red or coral lipstick,
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeshadow pencil in shade 015 Trespassing Taupe with matte finish is a perfect eyeshadow when you want to achieve full natural eye makeup look. It’s perfect to use it just on itself, you just highlight under your brow bone, apply this eyeshadow on your lid and on your lower lash line, blend it perfectly, create a cat eye and you’re ready to go. It blends perfectly,
  • L’oréal Caresse Baume Lipstick in shade 701 Rose me on is a perfect lipstick for hot summer days because of it’s light texture. It’s finish is glossy and it leaves a slight pink colour on your lips and it looks very natural,

my beauty box

14 thoughts on “MY BEAUTY BOX

  1. This beauty box looks so good! I’m so jealous! I’ve been looking for a good beauty box for ages now and it’s really hard to find one that ships to Ireland and it’s really expensive :0

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  2. Can you choose what kind of products you want in this service? I need to have a little ghetto in my life and have acrylic nails; Therefore, these products wouldn’t serve a lot of purpose for me. The packaging is so beyond cute though, I’ll have to try this out myself. Xx

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    1. No, unfortunately not, you can’t choose, the products are choosen by the company itself. You have to pick such a box that suits your needs, unless you like to try out new products every month and you don’t care much which products you’ll get. My Beauty Box has on my personal oppenion the best taste when it comes to choosing products for the box ☺️ Lots of beauty boxes are boring.

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