So finally, here comes the part 2 of my Wanderlust collection review, the colourful part. When it comes to colours, KIKO Milano becomes very creative, they always come up with beautiful new colours in different textures. This summer collection is really something special so I wanted to try lots of this gorgeous products, combining them together. In previous post, I was writing about powders, highlighter and bronzer and usually, whenever I pick bronzer powder in any KIKO Milano collection, I also look for blushes.


In a Wanderlust trend collection you can chose between three beautiful blushes, Desert Dunes trio baked blush combines three shades in a single product, the shades can be used individually or they can be blended together. Formula is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin E, the texture is very silky and easy to blend with no fall outs. The product is very light on the skin and just perfect for summer days. Colour is intense and long lasting and all the shades are perfect to use with Desert Dunes trio bronzer and Desert Moon highlighter.


KIKO Milano- Wanderlust

Now, the product that every Kiko Milano fan has heard of Mirage Lip Stylo is a bold colour lipstick with a creamy texture and high gloss finish, it’s one of the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve ever tried. It’s a long lasting lipstick but you can achieve the additional durability with using their Creamy Colour Comfort lip liner. You can chose between 16 beautiful lip colour shades, from beautiful nudes, corals, pinks, reds, purples and dark lip colours, I picked next five of them which I really like and I use them so much lately. What I really like about this lipstick is that it’s so light on the lips, it feels like a lip balm, but on the other hand is it’s colour is very intense. It’s a stunner and if you’re looking for a perfect summer lipstick, I really recommend it to you.

KIKO Milano- Wanderlust

KIKO Milano- Wanderlust

The last product from Wanderlust collection that I really like and I use so much lately is In The Shade eyeshadow and kajal eye pencil.

In The Shade eyeshadow and kahal

In The Shade eyeshadow and kahal

This eyeshadow pencil is absolutely amazing! It’s duo eyeshadow – kajal pencil which means that you use one side as an eyeshadow and the other side as eyeliner. Both colours are very bright and very pigmented, eyeshadow is very easy to blend because of it’s creamy texture and it’s durability is long lasting. Kajal shade of this eye pencil is very easy to apply, I usually apply  it on my eye lid and then I use small angled brush to make sure the lines are perfect. You can chose between sex different In The Shade eyeshadow and kahal eye pencils, some of them are more on the nude side, some on the more colourful. I’m a huge fan of colourful eye makeup looks as you all already know, so I wasn’t thinking very long which eye pencils to chose, I immediately picked those with poppy bold colours.

In The Shade eyeshadow and kahal

I really hope that you enjoyed this reading and stay around for more updates this week! I wish you all a wonderful evening!


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