This summer, KIKO Milano came out with one of the most stunning makeup collections I’ve ever seen and tried and I’m really excited to share this with you and I hope you’ll find any inspiration for this summer’s makeup looks.

All the packaging in Wanderlust trend collection was designed by Ross Lovegrove, a British designer who also decoded the DNA of the brand by identifying its KIKONESS, an essence of elegance, sensuality, femininity, breeziness and usefulness. KIKO Milano, they always put so much effort into the packaging design, their products always come in stunningly designed shapes and in high quality materials, but with Ross Lovegrove, they just rocked my world. All products are designed in a stunning gold colour, the compact is embellished with a digital design, coral-tinged gold colouring and the KK logo on top.

When it comes to summer I always have a huge problem with choosing my daily foundation. I never go for high coverage foundations in summer time and I usually don’t use any base. In KIKO’s new trend collection you can find just perfect foundation for hot summer days.

KIKO MILANO- WANDERLUSTSunshine Cream foundation with SPF20 is a cream foundation for dry to normal skin, if you have oily to normal skin you can use a little amount of matte base and apply it around your nose area and it’ll look good but if you have oily skin I don’t recommend it to you. On top of cream foundation you can use Sunshine Powder foundation, this two products are created for each other. Sunshine Powder foundation with ultra-light formula is appropriate for normal to combination skin and in application, the coverage and the effect can be adjusted, you can use it wet (for more coverage) or as a dry matte foundation. The powder conceals the signs of enlarged pores, the addition of sunscreen SPF20 helps to protect the skin from blemishes.



Next product that immediately caught my eye was Desert Dunes baked bronzer. Bronzer is one of those products in summer time which is handy, especially if you don’t expose your face to the sun. This bronzer can also give you a beautiful natural contour with using fluffier brush when applying the product. It combined two shades in one product, it’s formula is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamin E, it’s texture is silky and soft and it’s very easy to blend with no fall outs at all. It gives you a beautiful radiant contour and it feels very light on the skin. Oh and one more thing, it smells like vanilla.. yum 🙂



Because I am a highlighter obsessed little person, I of course went looking for new highlighters hhihhih and what was there was perfect and a love at the first sight. This beautifully designed packaging stunned me at first and when I opened and swatched it, it exceeded my expectations, as usual. It’s velvet texture is very light, smooth and almost sheer, but it has that the most natural radiance you can imagine. Desert Moon highlighter is perfect for hot summer days when you want to achieve that natural highlight on your face.



Really hope that you liked this review and if you did, stay around for the part two! Have a wonderful evening!


  1. Hello! My name is Diana and I livein Puerto Rico. I just saw a youtube video and they were tlking about the Kiko Milano Wonderlust bronzer and it looked beautiful on the skin! I have mature skin bu I am oily at my T -zone. I saw all the collection and I loved it! I just wanted to know if I could buy these products or were could I buy them. I would surely appreciated. Thank you for your time and hoping to hear from you soon.


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