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I’m so glad that I had the chance to try out products from brand Spice Islands, I enjoyed so much using them last month and I have to say that they become my favourite products for body care. Spice Islands is a high quality brand from Sri Lanka and it’s phylosophy is based on a Ayurveda, the ancient system of health and healing which has a history dating back 3000 years in Sri Lanka and India. All their products are made by 100% natural ingredients, spices, herbs, botanicals and super-fruits directly from Sri Lanka are their most common ingredients.

Spiced Islands

First product I would like to tell you about is day face cream with Tamarind seed extract. Tamarind is known as strong moisturiser, it protects the skin against harmful effects, it naturally stimulates repair of the skin and it’s appropriate to use for any skin type. My skin was soft and highly hydrated after the use and what I really like is that after 8 hours it’s still the same. The effect doesn’t disappear and with every next use just gets better and better. I have to admit, I’m very picky when it comes to face cream products, but this face cream is the one I could use forever, I love it!

Spiced Islands

The second two products are my favourite ones. Shower gel with the extract of the ceylon tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that cleans your skin perfectly, skin is after the use very smooth. I always had a problem finding the perfect body lotion and I’m so grateful that I had chance to try out this amazing high quality body butter that I love so so much. It’s made with the extract of passion fruit, it smells so good and what’s the best is that it leaves the skin unimaginably smooth and it stays hydrated during the whole day.

Spiced Islands

Spiced Islands

Spiced Islands

If you are a fan of high quality products with 100% natural ingredients I really recommend you to check the website http://www.spiceislandbeauty.com/store and products of Spice Islands brand, I had an amazing experiance with this brand, I simply love it! I wish you all a nice evening Loves and stay around for more updates this week!

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