I’m still obsessed with ZOEVA Rose Golden eyeshadow palette so I decided to share this new look with you. It’s a very feminine look which I’d wear for the night out. It’s a bit dramatic on the eyes but it’s still settle and sophisticated because I chose matching Zoeva Rose Golden blush palette for contour, highlight and blush. ZOEVA Rose Golden eyeshadow palette and blush palette are the perfect match together when you’re looking for sophisticated makeup look. Combination of these two gives you a beautiful colour sphere on your face.

daša lavrič

daša lavrič

The only thing that pops out a bit more is lip colour. For this look I chose semi-matte finish lipstick which lasts very long, for about 5-8 hours and that’s what I really like when I go clubbing because I just don’t want to spend my time in the club in toilet rooms catching up my lipstick hahaha. This lip colour stands out, but not too much thanks to it’s finish. I chose a beautiful pink colour with coral undertone to it because I think it goes perfect with the face makeup and it brightens up the whole look. You can also go for nude pink lip colour, it’ll look gorgeous too.

daša lavrič

daša lavrič

daša lavrič

PRODUCTS: FACE- KIKO Milano Skin Evolution Foundation 107 and Radiant fusion baked powder, Catrice High Coverage concealer 020, ZOEVA Rose Golden blush palette; EYES: ZOEVA Rose Golden eyeshadow palette, Urban Decay Naked Basics eyeshadow palette, KIKO Lasting gel eyeliner and Luxurious lashes mascara, Ardell lashes 105, LIPS: KIKO Creamy Colour comfort lip liner 302 and Unlimited Stylo 02

12 thoughts on “ROSE GOLDEN NIGHT

  1. Really pretty makeup look and great post Dasa! Are those Zoeva brushes that you are using? Are these shadows comparable to high end shadows like MAC, Urban Decay or Inglot? Do they have staying power that is comparable (with a primer of course)? I was interested in the Full Spectrum Palettes, but on the fence. Also, I am interested in their brushes suggestions? Are these as good or better than Sigma or MAC brushes? Thanks!

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    1. Thank you ☺️ yes, I’m using Zoeva brushes here and they have stunning quality. I also use Sigma brushes a lot but I have to say that I like Zoeva brushes much more. I especially like eye blending brushes, 227, 228 and 231 are my favourite ones. They also have amazing face brushes, 102 for foundation is great and 110 for applying and blending bronzer is also a stunner. I can’t compare any product with MAC because I’ve never tried this brand so far and I don’t even have a need to but I can say that Zoeva eyeshadows are much better than Urban Decay’s. I was a huge UD lover till I tried Zoeva eyeshadows and now I use just their palettes because of their amazing quality so I would really recommend them to you. If you’re looking for high quality brushes I would definitely go for Zoeva, you can chose between many different collections and sets ☺️❤️

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      1. Thanks so much for your advice. I have been thinking of trying their products for a while. I’ve heard / seen videos and read so many great reviews. I didn’t know they were handmade brushes until I read thatin your post. Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!♥♥

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