Hi Loves!

Every makeup lover likes makeup brushes right? I have to say I wasn’t a huge brush fan, until I got this set. Zoeva is a German brand that is relatively new to me but I’m already stunned by it’s beauty and fenomenal quality. I own many professional brushes from many different brands, but Zoeva’s brushes are just something special, you can feel how many effort and love they put into this beautiful set. Let’s be honest loves, no one has ever won the war against rose gold so I really didn’t have any second thoughts which set to purchase, Rose Golden brush set was my first choice. Brushes came in a beautiful faux leather pochette which I think is really nice because It’s going to be very handy when I travel and I’m going to use it also as a pochette in my big handbags.

zoeva rose golden brushes

zoeva rose golden brushes

zoeva rose golden brushes

zoeva rose golden brushes

In Rose Golden Luxury set you’ll get all basic brushes you’ll ever need for complete face and eye makeup. What makes this brushes so special is the fact that they’re made with natural and synthetic bristles. Because of the synthetic bristles is the application of creamy and powdery products much easier and because natural bristles is blending faster and smoother.

Set includes eight makeup brushes (four for face and four for eye makeup):

  • 102 Silk Finish- gives you smooth application of liquid or creamy foundation and It’s also perfect for applying mineral products,
  • 106 Powder- is an ultimate choice for every day makeup because It’s designed to achieve smooth application or loose and pressed makeup products,
  • 110 Face Shape- is an face contour brush designed for precise and detailed contouring on your cheek bones, nose and chin,
  • 127 Luxe Sheek Cheek- is an exquisite blush brush which gives you smooth application and soft shading of pressed and loose prosucts. It’s also perfect for soft face contouring,

zoeva rose golden brushes

  • 142 Concealer Buffer- is pefect brush for flawless application and blending of concealer under eye area,
  • 227 Luxe Soft Definer- is a super soft blending brush,
  • 230 Luxe Pencil- is a brush for precise shading of eye shadow, perfect for creating cut crease effect or for blending eye shadow on the lower lash line,
  • 317 Wing Liner- is an essential eye liner brush great when you want to create precise and perfect cat eye.

zoeva rose golden brushes

So Loves, this is just the first review on Zoeva makeup brushes but I have to say, I’m not done with them, because I’m addicted now hhaha so stay around for more updates and have a great evening!


  1. These pictures are FLAWLESS! You did such a great job describing these brushes and I just wish I wasn’t a broke college student so I could go out and buy these haha
    Great post! Check out my blog if you wanna! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks ☺️ I really tried to describe them in the most simple way so you girls would know exactly what’s the purpose of each one of them. I’m so glad that you like this post ❤️


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