KIKO MILANO Unlimited Stylo


I’m so excited about this post loves because this KiKO Milano lipstick collection is one of my favourites. I was so happy when I first discovered this collection because I was looking for high quality mat lipstick and I just couldn’t find it. Every mat lipstick I tried was just such a disaster, from bad pigments to dry lips. If you have the same problems I really recommend you to try this collection, you can choose between 14 different beautiful shades, from nudes, corals, pinks, reds and also bold lip colours.

KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo

KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo

KIKO Milano Unlimited Stylo

Unlimited Stylo is a long-lasting lipstick that lasts on your lips up to 8 hours. They come in a stunning packaging, which is obviously not surprising for KIKO Milano. This packaging is designed to protect long lasting performances of lipstick’s ingredients. Application of this lipstick is smooth and when you apply it you have to wait for about 1 minute so it dries to semi-mat finish. Lips are smooth after application and what I like the most about this lipsticks is that my lips weren’t dry after use as it can happen with lots of mat lipsticks. This lipsticks are also very pigmented so you won’t need much coats, only one coat is enough for a gorgeous long-lasting matte lips.

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14 thoughts on “KIKO MILANO Unlimited Stylo

  1. I have one of this collection and I don’t like how it feels on my lips when it dries. It’s a bit sticky. But it has a great coverage and pigmentation. Yours feel sticky too? Maybe it was just that one that’s spoiled or something. Now I want to try more colours! 😛

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    1. No, mine lips don’t feel sticky at all. It dries completely in about 1 minute. Maybe you should try to apply only one or two coats of lipstick and leave it to dry completely and I’m sure it won’t be sticky at all ☺️

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