KIKO MILANO Velvet Mat – Satin Lipstick


Is there any makeup lover who doesn’t like lipsticks? I don’t think so hahah. Aren’t they just fabulous? So many textures, shades and combinations.. sounds like heaven. When I first saw this lipsticks I immediately fell in love with them.

kiko velvet mat - satin lipstick

Ladies, I have to appologize first for the scratches, but some of those lipsticks have been through a lot haha well, I won’t lie, I use them all the time. Anyways, their packaging is absolutely stunning, but their creamy matte texture is mind blowing. What I really like about this lip product is that’s so comfortable to wear because it’s light on the lips and it’s not one of those matte lipsticks that are drying on the lips. It has moisturising and plumping action so lips look beautiful, healthy and full. All shades I tried are very pigmented and I’m pretty sure all of them have quite the same high coverage, which is impressing. They come in 15 beautiful shades, from gorgeous nudes to dark and bold lip colours.

kiko velvet mat - satin lipstick


I’m absolutely in love with this beautiful nude lip shades and what I like the most is again it’s texture and coverage. I like bold ones as well, especially for evening occasions and night outs, they’re simply amazing.

kiko velvet mat - satin lipstick
600, 601, 602, 612, 613, 614, 606, 609
600, 601, 602, 612
600, 601, 602, 612
613, 614, 606, 609
613, 614, 606, 609

Swatch galery:

9 thoughts on “KIKO MILANO Velvet Mat – Satin Lipstick

    1. Ooh 601 is one of the most beautiful nude pink shades! Did you already pich the shade you want to try? Well yes, most of matte lipsticks are soo dry, but this one is just perfect ☺️


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